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Thanks for checking us out. We've expanded our team recently and we don't have any open roles at the moment. However, there will be more opportunities soon, so please check back from time to time. Better yet, email us with your resume at and we'll let you know when the right opportunity comes up.

Life is better in 3D

X – Learn

Continuous learning is key to both personal and business growth. It is a core aspect of life at Airy3D. What we’re building includes a wonderful mix of technologies with lots of room for exploration, learning, and contribution. We touch aspects of electrical engineering, optics, physics, computer science, computer vision, and machine learning. In addition to bringing your expertise to a key piece of the puzzle, you’re going to get exposed to a lot of new and interesting things.

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Y - Collaborate

We are a team of people that are highly knowledgeable and curious, willing to teach others and be taught. Asking questions is valued as much as having the right answers. At the end of the day, we’re more interested in solving the problem than being known as the one that solved the problem. 

Z - Contribute

We believe in creating disruptive technology in a workplace with great work ethics and where we truly enjoy what we are doing and who we work with. We’re well positioned to make an impact on a new class of 3D applications in multiple markets, including mobile, automotive, and AR/VR. There are plenty of challenges, but many opportunities and we have established significant traction with industry leaders in each of these areas. All while having fun and not taking ourselves too seriously!  

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Life at Airy3D

“The best way to help someone be good at something is to give them the support, confidence and freedom to do it.”

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Jonathan Saari