Imaging Scientist

Job description

We’re looking for a unique individual to join our team to help us hone our products and discover opportunities beyond our first go-to-market focus. If you have a keen interest in optics, lens design, computer vision, and can navigate complicated testing procedures and experimental setups, you should be very excited about this opportunity.

Who are we and what do we do?

We are a rapidly growing team looking for people who share our passion for developing solutions at the intersection of imaging and depth. AIRY3D has developed DepthIQ™, a 3D computer vision platform that consists of a Transmissive Diffraction Mask and computational imaging software that can convert any camera sensor into a versatile 3D sensor at a fraction of the manufacturing cost.

Based in Montreal, AIRY3D recently raised US$10 million in series A funding led by Intel Capital. This financing will allow AIRY3D to advance its licensing roadmap for the first commercial adoptions of DepthIQ 3D by top-tier consumer electronics companies in mobile and other markets such as automotive and AR/VR.

What are we looking for?

As an Imaging Scientist you will be heavily involved in the conception, design, analysis and continuous improvement of our various DepthIQ powered 3D sensors and computational imaging algorithms. You will also work closely with others across disciples to strengthen our DepthIQ platform and broaden our potential end-user applications.

What you will do:

  • Characterize, analyze, and play with our expanding DepthIQ powered 3D sensor platform
  • Conceive, design, and help simulate new DepthIQ cameras
  • Work closely with our computer vision and machine learning experts to expand our DepthIQ imaging algorithms 
  • Help build new and unique demos ranging from Face Unlock to an Autonomous Remote Control Car
  • Work on cutting edge problems in markets ranging from automotive to virtual reality


What you bring to our team

  • A graduate degree (Masters or PhD) in Physics or Engineering with a specialization in Optics
  • A strong understanding of image formation theory including: point-spread function analysis and simulation, diffraction theory, lens aberrations, and Fourier/Frequency-space filtering
  • Comfort with general imaging concepts: geometrical optics, ray tracing, modulation transfer function measurement, and optical component and system design
  • Hands-on experience building optical systems
  • Image processing techniques: convolution, gaussian filtering, sharpening, color correction, demosaicing
  • Proficiency with various software suites and programming languages such as ImageJ and Python

Bonus points

  • Knowledge of various image formats and readouts
  • Passion for photography, gaming, music, and/or the outdoors
  • Cooking, board games, and bouldering
  • Cool side interests such as IoT Maker projects

What’s it like working in our team?

At Airy3D, you will ...

Learn. Continuous learning is key to both personal and business growth. What we’re building includes a wonderful mix of technologies with lots of room for exploration, learning, and contribution.

Collaborate. We are a team of people that are highly knowledgeable and curious, willing to teach others and be taught. Asking questions is valued as much as having the right answers.

Contribute. We believe in creating disruptive technology in a workplace with great work ethics and where we truly enjoy what we are doing and who we work with.

All while having fun and not taking ourselves too seriously! We offer a flexible schedule, vibrant Mile End location with rooftop terrace, health insurance and stock options.

If you are genuinely excited about contributing to our success, we’d love to hear from you.

What can I expect when I submit my application?

Our recruitment partner – Pivot and Edge – will review your application and either schedule a conversation with you or let you know that we’re passing on your candidacy within 5 business days.

What does the interview process involve?

The first step is a conversation with Pivot and Edge where the focus will be on the human side of things. If you exhibit a high potential to be successful in our environment, a short video interview will allow you to demonstrate your technical capabilities. After we review your response, you may be asked to talk shop with some of our engineers and leaders. Assuming you’re one of our finalists, we’ll be sure to give you a tour of the office and introduce you to some of your future teammates. Throughout the process, we want to make sure that we’re the right fit for each other – both technically and culturally – so please interview us at every step!

AIRY3D is an equal opportunity employer. Should you require accommodation in any aspect of our selection process, please contact Kaitlyn Spooner of Pivot and Edge at